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STEINERT’s Australian headquarters is located on the east coast in Melbourne, Victoria where our facilities manufacture various types of magnetic separation equipment including service and repairs, as well as supply and support the latest in sensor sorting equipment from Germany. From traditional and trusted magnetic separation equipment, right through to advanced sensor sorting technologies, we assist our customers achieve their goals with sustainable solutions.

Whether it be improving profitability by raising yield, reducing operating costs, improving product purity or limiting the environmental impact from their operations, STEINERT understands that each customer requires a diverse range of specifications and unique regional requirements to suit their application. This enables STEINERT to deliver ‘value-added’ solutions throughout the entire process, from design and consultation, through to manufacturing, commissioning and after-sales services.

Magnetic Separation Solutions – Protect Equipment & Purify Product

Our goal is to continue developing innovative high-tech solutions to meet the challenges of our customers. Whether it is protecting processing plants from tramp iron damage downstream or beneficiating iron ore, we offer a large selection of tailor-made magnet systems from pulley, drum, lift-out and overhead suspension magnets, for both dry and wet processing.

STEINERT’s Overhead Suspension Magnets (MAG product range) are used to remove ferrous metal from various mining and quarry industry product applications. In addition to purifying materials, STEINERT’s overhead suspension magnets are used to protect conveyor belts and downstream equipment such as shredders and crushers.

“We have a well-established and long-standing reputation for quality and hard-wearing magnetic separation equipment in the mining industry. We continue that relationship by offering the latest in technology and innovative advancements to our customers, and work closely with them to address their requirements for the best solution for the region and environment they work in. For example, our STEINERT MAGX has been developed for ultimate performance in the harsh conditions as found in remote mining regions.” explained Johan van Zyl, managing director of STEINERT Australia.

STEINERT manufactures magnets to Australian Standards and mining specifications to complement our individual customers’ project requirements. As a package we can provide the following equipment:

  • Magnets.
  • Control cabinets in Mild steel, Aluminium & Stainless steel.
    • Suspension sling with turnbuckles.
    • Suspension trolley: Single Rail or Dual Rail.
    • Catenary system.
    • Metal detectors.

STEINERT magnets are specifically designed with coils made of anodised ANOFOL aluminium strip. The ANOFOL anodised aluminium strips and the coil design enable a maximum number of windings for increased performance at a simultaneously compact design. Our magnets are designed with space internally to assist with oil expansion hence an external expansion tank is not required. Passive cooling may be sufficient for smaller sized magnets as required, whilst large series magnets are equipped with a heat exchanger and a forced convection cooling system.

Ore Sensor Sorting Solutions For Efficient Concentration of Valued Ores

Ore sensor sorting technology enables opportunities in previously untapped applications. Pre-concentration can add value to previously uneconomic zones to ore and mineral reserves and help manage ore blending programs more effectively. Ore sensor sorting solutions can be applied to selective upgrading of low-grade stockpiles, even waste dumps, to recover value from previously uneconomic material as well as reduce environmental risks and costs, reduce tailings dams or tailings filter size and reduce milling energy requirements, therefore adding value to the life of the operation.

STEINERT sensor sorting technology can process up to 250 tonnes per hour per machine, depending on the particle size and material. STEINERT sensor sorters are highly customisable to offer the best solution for the sorting task. It is possible to adjust the machines sensitivity and the cut-off grade for the accept/reject split; and this fine-tuning capability gives flexibility to operating requirements, for example, high upgrade ratio or maximum recoveries.

“There are significant advantages of using sensor sorting technology compared with using traditional methods. A sensor sorter does not require water in its operations, therefore eliminating the possibility of acid water. It is also energy efficient as it accurately detects the location of the mineral in the ore and ejects the waste, reducing the amount of material that must be crushed and transported, hence reducing the overall energy usage of a mineral processing operation. By doing this, only the ore containing mineral needs to be transported from site. This contributes to major savings on transport costs” said van Zyl.

The STEINERT KSS combination sensor sorting system is a platform that we have developed where various sensors can be deployed simultaneously, including 3D laser, colour X-Ray Transmission, and induction detection Therefore, a wide variety of options are available in both fixed and modular/ mobile solutions depending on the sensor combination. This combination of sensor sorting technology has the potential to produce better quality and more consistent mining product in the industry.

STEINERT’s test facility in Perth, Western Australia, provides customers with the opportunity to test small and large samples under conditions that very closely match real life scenarios. Customers also benefit directly from implementing the very latest findings and developments in tried and tested STEINERT sorting technology, including the latest combination sensor-based sorting solutions for ore processing.

Our specialists can provide technical recommendations and support in finding a solution to suit individual application requirements. If desired, our team can directly demonstrate the potential for recovering material with STEINERT sorting technology using a sample of your test material.

STEINERT’s MAGX range are powerful magnets that remove ferrous metal product and purify materials whilst protecting conveyor belts and downstream equipment such as shredders and crushers.

For more information regarding similar STEINERT mining solutions in Australia and South East Asia, call our team of magnetic separation and sensor sorting experts today on +61 3 8720 0800 or email us at [email protected]. Our electro and permanent magnets are made in Australia and can be supplied as either stationary or self-cleaning magnets.

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