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Rio Tinto edges closer to its first intelligent mine

Rio Tinto has approved $146 million of funding to undertake initial work at the Koodaideri iron ore project in Western Australia, ahead of a final investment decision expected by the end of the year.

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Rio Tinto achieves first delivery of iron ore with world’s largest robot

What was once assigned to the realm of science fiction is proving a reality through Rio Tinto’s AutoHaul™ programme, with the company achieving significant milestone with the first delivery of iron ore in the Pilbara, Western Australia by a giant robot – an autonomous train.

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Innovation, renewables and the mining sector – a marriage of once unlikely partners

As history has shown us, innovation does not come easily to the mining sector. That is not to say that mining is apathetic to innovation or that it treats it like a pariah. Rather, in this already risky and expensive business, true and novel innovation can be quite difficult to justify, with proven technologies a much easier sell to boards and investors. In short, when it comes to innovation, many mining companies elect the safe and tested option.

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