Two Australian leaders in mining research – CRCMining and CSIRO Mineral Resources – have joined forces to create mining innovation powerhouse, Mining3. Headquartered in Brisbane, Mining3 integrates all of CRCMining’s activities and CSIRO’s hard rock mining research capability into a single, industry-focused entity.

Mining3’s combined research expertise will enable it to develop the technologies the mining industry needs to overcome its greatest challenges.

“The mining industry must change if it’s to keep up with increasing economic, environmental and social pressures, and have a productive future,” former CRCMining CEO and new Mining3 CEO, Professor Paul Lever said.

“With our unique scale and industry focus, Mining3 will drive this change. We’re drawing on the strengths of industry thought leaders, technical experts, extensive international networks, our industry member base and proven innovation capability.

“Mining3 is focused on shortening the innovation cycle to provide quicker benefits to the industry. We do this by involving mining companies throughout the research process and accelerating commercialisation of outcomes,” he said.

Mining3 capabilities include rock sensing and characterisation, blasting, excavation, haulage, automation, geomechanics, energy, performance, safety, and process optimisation for both surface and underground mining.

As with the former CRCMining, Mining3 is a member-based organisation. It has eight industry members, who direct the organisation’s research, and five research partners, including the CSIRO.

“We expect more industry members, both mining companies and METS/OEMs, to join Mining3 in order to take advantage of the opportunities the organisation presents. The consolidation of two of the world’s leading mining research organisations provides a greater success rate of delivering real-world innovation, and the model ensures lower costs. This is an unrivalled opportunity for mining companies and suppliers who need innovation,” Professor Lever said.

Mining3 and its members will focus on, and continue to develop, the Mining3 industry roadmap, a vision for addressing the highest value opportunities and challenges.

“We’re delighted to be partnering in Mining3 to deliver a strong, world-leading mining innovation hub that’s set to drive real outcomes for companies,” CSIRO Mineral Resources director Jonathan Law said.

“This collaboration positions Australia on the global mining innovation stage. Together, we will tackle the biggest challenges facing mining today.”

The new venture further strengthens Australia’s research capability and earmarks its position as a leader in global mining innovation.