Ore Sorting Australia has purchased the latest mobile containerised X-Ray and Induction Combination Ore Sorter from STEINERT, the first of its kind in Australia. Combining various innovative technologies and experienced manpower, it is an ideal mobile solution for remote mining sites.

Steinert Mobile Ore SorterOre Sorting Australia is now in a position to offer a mobile ‘one stop shop’ with an experienced management team that aim to increase the potential of projects requiring complete ore sorting processing solutions utilising one or more of the following:

Mining: Ore Sorting Australia has a mining fleet and experienced people to mine your new pits or low grade stockpiles for ore sorting and processing on site.

Crushing & Screening: Ore Sorting Australia can supply a full complement of mobile crushing screening and washing plants on site - from ore sorter feed to mill feed to plant maximisation and efficiency gains.

Mobile Ore Sorting: Together with STEINERT, Ore Sorting Australia can supply the latest in sensor-based sorting technologies.

Mineral Processing: Ore Sorting Australia can offer mobile onsite processing, and fixed plant toll treating options for ore supplies.

Haulage: Ore Sorting Australia can supply all your site haulage needs and fleet management requirements if required.

The inclusion of STEINERT’s mobile sensor-based system is for customers who want to take their recovery process on the road and allows for precise mining sensor sorting anywhere. The modules are connected together as ‘plug and play’ units and enable rapid commissioning at the customer’s premises.

The integrated compressors and diesel generator enable operation anywhere - even in remote regions.

“During tougher economic periods, our technology is ideal for the more marginal mines where it can be seen to make the difference between closing down completely or continuing to operate profitably,” STEINERT Australia’s director Johan van Zyl said. “Sensor-based sorting technology can significantly decrease the loss of minerals and ores experienced during the everyday process of crushing and separation, thereby saving mining companies time and improving their bottom line.”

Depending on ore types and process requirements, STEINERT provides sensor-based sorting solutions in the form of XRT (X-ray transmission), XRF (X-ray fluorescence), 3D Laser, NIR (near infrared), colour (optical) and ISS (electro-magnetic induction), or a combination of these technologies. STEINERT equipment solutions aim to help recover, sort and separate for the ultimate benefit of the processing customer-providing opportunities for productivity increases and economic gain.

If it’s return on investment that you are after, STEINERT says it is able to provide systems recommended for:

  • Pre-concentration of mill feed by separating it into high-grade, low-grade and waste fractions;
  • Selective high grading of existing waste dumps;
  • Reduction of environmental risks and costs –smaller tailings dam footprint;
  • Optimisation of multiple process streams, for example, sending appropriate ore to the mill and leach heaps;
  • Pre-concentration of ore underground, or at remote satellite sites in order to reduce transportation costs;
  • Lowering customer operating costs; and
  • Improving ore grade to make marginal ore bodies more viable.

Ore sorting is generally suited to coarser size fractions between 10-150mm and in the case of x-ray transmission and inductions sensor sorting systems, can be performed without prior washing.

Whether it’s mining, crushing, sorting, haulage and /or processing needs, Ore Sorting Australia is proud to engage with STEINERT to be able to supply the mining and processing industry with complete ore sorting processing solution. Ore Sorting Australia can now offer clients full turnkey solutions when it comes to their ore sorting requirements.

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