Micromine recently visited Prominent Hill mine in South Australia to see its mine control and fleet management solution, Micromine Pitram, at work in the field.

Micromine OZ Minerals Prominent Hill Image FINALMicromine CEO Andrew Birch said the company has worked at the mine since 2020, and both it and the copper mine said Micromine Pitram was an integral step towards their vision of achieving a smart mining operation.

“The team at Prominent Hill understand the importance of mining innovation and the value it creates to upskill their people and mine more efficiently,” said Birch.

“For the past year, Micromine Pitram allowed operators to capture, manage and analyse their activity, with core operational data delivered to provide relevant insights. Pitram Mobile was deployed to boost two-way operational information and minimise human errors.”

Micromine said it installed the ruggedised onboard computers of Pitram Mobile in machine cabs to allow operators to enter cycle data, manage shift activities and communicate with the control room.

Once within network range, the devices have the capability to sync collected data to the server or the control room via Wi-Fi or the Pitram Peer-2-Peer network. From there it can be visualised, tracked and analysed.

Micromine said its next steps are to automate the data capture through OEM integrations in combination with other off-the-shelf tagging and AI solutions.

Source: Micromine