Tombola Gold has met its latest milestone at the Great Australian Mine (GAM) plant near Cloncurry, Queensland, with the commencement of gold processing – and is now targeting first pour before 19 December.

tombolaThe company said the pours will begin as soon as the refurbishment of the GAM plant is completed and will continue on a weekly basis. About 28,000 tonnes of material is already waiting at the property’s run-of-mine pad.

Production is expected to ramp up in the new year with both the Vats and Lorena CIL plants coming online.

Tombola first inked a short-term lease of the GAM plant from True North Copper in October. Late that month, it commenced initial hauling of ore to the site. An additional fleet of haulage trucks commenced operations as scheduled this month to ramp up and increase ore haulage.

Source: Tombola Gold 

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