Rare earths-focused miner Lynas now has a 14-metre-long industrial scale dryer on-site at its Mt. Weld operation in Western Australia, part of a project by the Australian company to boost operational efficiency.

Lynas Mt Weld DryerThe company said the delivery of the fired kiln dryer will ensure ifs sustainable development of rare earths, making the entire process faster and more cost effective.

Additionally, reducing moisture levels will lower the company’s concentrate freight costs, improve materials handling and increase productivity as the use of the dryer will reduce the time spent manually drying the product.

Lynas selected Kalgoorlie for its new cracking and leaching plant for REE processing last December. The site was chosen for its proximity to Mt. Weld within the Goldfields region.

For now, it is processing at its plant in Malaysia; that facility reopened in May after being idled during the global pandemic spread.

Source: lynascorp.com