Construction has begun for Komatsu’s new Wacol distribution centre in Queensland, Australia, and the OEM is pushing ahead to a 2021 opening and serving the region’s customers.

Komatsu WacolIt is being constructed on a 3.8-hectare site adjacent to its existing Queensland head office, service, training and customer support facility. It will encompass almost 17,000 square metres, with an order picking storage area of just under 14,500 sq. m, and an extra large parts/components storage area of over 2,000 sq. m.

The company said the facility will improve parts and components availability, streamline order efficiency and reduce turnaround times. 

Komatsu supply chain general manager Russell Hodson also said that the company is seeking to improve its customer satisfaction across the Australian state, New Zealand and New Caledonia.

The centre will also be bringing in elements of the Brisbane parts and components Reman operation, consolidating four of Komatsu’s distribution and storage centres under one roof.

The facility is expected to be open by May 2021, in time for the OEM’s global centenary celebrations.

“Customers in these regions – which includes large mining customers – are currently serviced from our various Brisbane facilities, and by consolidating them into a single operation, we anticipate a marked improvement in customer satisfaction,” said Hodson.

“The new facility will also be much safer for Komatsu employees and service providers, making use of the latest warehousing technology and systems, including anti-collision systems and full worker/machine separation throughout.”

In addition, Komatsu will also realise significant efficiency and cost benefits, he added, through consolidation to a single facility, maximised space utilisation and lower costs for transport.

“We’re also going to in-source our warehousing operations so all staff will be Komatsu employees, which will better enable us to continue our ongoing program of continuous improvement,” he noted.

The facility will create 50 new jobs, Komatsu said, and will be integral to the company’s larger East Coast supply chain strategy.