In a newly signed pact, Caterpillar will deliver monitoring technology company Seeing Machines' light vehicle and on-highway driver fatigue and distraction monitoring systems through the Cat dealer network.

The Seeing Machines Guardian 2 system, which senses operator movements and analyses them for fatigue or distraction symptoms is now available through the OEM. The system’s features also include seat vibration and audio alerts if an event such as a microsleep is recorded.

Guardian 2 joins the Driver Safety System (DSS) fatigue and distraction monitoring system for off-highway vehicles, which is an element of the Cat MineStar Detect portfolio.

“Guardian 2 and DSS enable customers to cost effectively fit any vehicle in the fleet – heavy equipment, support vehicles and highway vehicles – with next-generation monitoring systems supported by the local Cat dealer and linked to Caterpillar’s 24-hour fatigue monitoring,” the company said.

Guardian 2 replaces the previous DSS-H system. Its newest features include expanded driver monitoring software, an improved sensor for enhanced resolution and an expanded field of view from the cab.

The system will also provide reports and analytics for tracking and trending, offering a fuller picture to managers if events are repeated.

“Onboard the vehicle, the system continuously measures operator head position and eye closure to determine the onset of fatigue or distracted behavior and delivers real-time detection and alerts,” Caterpillar said.

“The driver-facing sensor and forward-facing camera require no input from the operator, and the driver is not required to wear any special equipment. As a result, the system allows the operator to focus on driving safely.”

Since being unveiled, the Guardian system has logged more than 4 billion kilometers and detected more than 6.4 million distraction events.

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