Mine hoist manufacturer Coalfield Services chose products by Svendborg Brakes and Twiflex, two Altra Industrial Motion brands, for the production of a reliable hoisting system.

TAM101420 AltraCoalfield needed a custom braking solution for one of its setups, and identified the most suitable braking system as SOBO (Soft Braking Option) iQ from Svendborg Brakes. The solution is a closed-loop controller that can automatically adjust the braking force, even in high-speed situations.

The SOBO iQ system collects data on speed, pressure and deceleration/acceleration from sensors on the brakes and compares them to pre-defined set points. If the values differ, a suitable corrective, modulated change is communicated to the brakes to adjust their action accordingly.

In this application, the most suitable brakes to integrate with SOBO iQ were Twiflex VKSD58 spring-applied, hydraulically released caliper disc brakes. The calipers would assure operators that braking would be maintained in the event of electrical supply system failure as well as supplying sufficient braking force, as the VKSD series can reach over 100 kN. In addition, to deliver a system that would fully address Coalfield’s requirements, Twiflex leveraged its in-house design and manufacturing capabilities to create the bespoke brakes.

The resulting solution consisted of SOBO iQ communicating with VKSD58 callipers with proximity switches acting on a pair of discs that were shaft-mounted to the hoist’s cable reels. For this project, Coalfield could benefit from advanced application expertise from Svendborg Brakes and Twiflex, which proved crucial to specify, integrate and customise the braking systems. 

Thanks to the components provided, Coalfield improved the design of its products, delivering enhanced setups to clients in the mining sector.

Source: www.altramotion.com

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