MICROMINE maintains its reputation by regularly releasing new software versions that build upon the strengths of its solutions, which ensures its solutions continue to meet evolving user needs and industry conditions. MICROMINE has released the latest version of its exploration and 3D mine design solution, Micromine 2016.

Micromine 2016.1 is minor update to the Micromine family, with a major focus on usability and workflow in large and complex multi-user projects. The solution allows users to capture, manage and interpret critical data, and is relevant to all stages of the mineral extraction process.

Micromine provides explorers with an in-depth understanding of their project so prospective regions can be targeted more effectively, increasing the chance of a project’s success. Miners are provided easy-to-use modelling, estimation and design tools to simplify day-to-day production tasks.

Some of the new and enhanced features within Micromine 2016 include:

  • New support for texture-mapped triangulated 3D models, including Adam Technology RAW, Stanford PLY, Wavefront OBJ, and Autodesk FBX;
  • New Drillhole Imaging Vizex layer to display cylindrically-wrapped, depth-referenced drillhole imagery such as Televiewer data;
  • New support for variable search orientations (dynamic anisotropy) in kriging;
  • New secondary clipping window (shadow slicing), with separate colour options for objects in front of or behind the current section plane;
  • New Additional Grids feature to add transformed mine grids to Vizex and the Plot Editor, with built-in expression support for advanced labelling;
  • New text search on Display Pane Layers;
  • New Collapse All option for groups in the Display Pane;
  • New Highlight Layer in the Vizex context menu (Selection | Highlight Layer) to select the layer and make it visible in the Display pane;
  • New Invert Selection in the Wireframe and Form set Managers;
  • New expressions support for creating wireframe sets;
  • New Wireframe | Manage | Attributes for creating and managing user attributes, with mixed-case names;
  • New Display Selected option in the Wireframe Manager displays multiple selected wireframes in one operation;
  • New macro support for Drillhole Log;
  • New Create Wireframe Set option in the Wireframe Manager creates a wireframe set directly from selected wireframes;
  • New ability to edit colours from the Properties window for layers using RGB colour fields; and
  • New option in Mining | Underground | Interactive Generate Profile Shape to add a profile perpendicular to the selected string.

Micromine saves time and increases productivity. It is renowned for its intuitive and user-friendly interface, easily enabling advanced tasks, such as pit optimisation, mine design and complex plot layouts to be executed in minutes.

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