Russia’s Federal Subsoil Resources Management Agency (Rosnedra) is organizing a round table meeting with senior managers of mining companies and investors to discuss priority issues facing the Russian mining industry. The meeting will be held in Moscow alongside the 9th MINEX Russia Mining and Exploration Forum on October 2. In July 2013 Russian Prime Minister Medvedev appointed Valery Anatolievich Pak as Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and the head of Rosnedra. Prior to his appointment Valery Pak held senior management positions at Rusia Petroleum, Zoloto Kamchatky (Renova) and OGK Group – the consortium uniting leading Russian mining prospecting enterprises.

Rosnedra’s delegation at the round table will be led by Valery Pak. During the roundtable Rosnedra delegation will present its strategies and invite an open exchange of views from subsoil users.

After the meeting, Deputy Minister Pak will also deliver a keynote address at the opening session of MINEX Russia 2013 Forum.