Mines and Money Australia is moving to Melbourne, the birthplace of mining and mine finance in Australia. Drawing on the support of key stakeholders from across the mining and finance community, Mines and Money Australia 2013 will feature an enlarged exhibition of mining investment opportunities and a conference agenda featuring an international line-up of investors, analysts and leading mining industry personalities.

At a time when investors are moving back into the market, more than 1000 delegates will be able to browse an exhibition of 100 mining and exploration companies and uncover exciting investment opportunities in coal, iron ore, copper, gold, silver, PGMs, nickel, tin, zinc, uranium, graphite, diamonds, potash, minor metals, rare earth elements and more.

Organizers have got together the largest panel of investor speakers ever seen at Mines and Money Australia., including:

•    Rick Rule, US-based resource investor, chairman Sprott US Holdings

•    Nolan Watson, president and CEO Sandstorm

•    Kevin McElligott, managing director, Australia, Franco Nevada

•    Bert Koth, director Denham Capital

•    Pan Guocheng, CEO China Hanking

•    Dr Michael A Berry, chairman Discovery Investing

•    Tim Markwell, manager – African Funds, Lion Manager

•    David Lloyd, head of Resources, Project Finance, Specialized Finance, Product & Markets, National Australia Bank

•    Mike Stirzaker, partner Pacific Road

•    Chris Corbett, principal Resource Capital Funds Management

•    Markus Grimm, director Hermes Pacific Capital

•    David Coates, research analyst Baker Steel Capital Managers

•    Hedley Widdup, manager Lion Selection Group

•    Nicholas Mead, partner of investor relations The Sentient Group

•    Chen Biao, managing partner Jinjiang Mining Fund, deputy secretary general International Sub-Association of CMA, chairman Jinjiang Venture Capital

•    Mona Chung, principal consultant Cross Culture International (CCI) Pty Ltd, China

•    Richard Crookes, investment director EMR Capital

•    Yanguo Wang, executive vice president, China International Chamber of Commerce for the Private Sector.


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