The latest version of Gemcom’s GEMS software has been released, with the company announcing it will deliver the world’s first block model conversion engine. The GEMS software system ensures the accuracy and integrity of data for exploration, open pit and underground operations. The software program is used by mining companies to quantify, model, plan and schedule the extraction of mineral deposits.

Gemcom says the most significant feature of the 6.4 version is its new patent-pending block model conversion engine, which is a world first. The engine brings a new level of data sharing flexibility by providing direct conversion between different block model formats, delivering better collaboration and improved data integrity, saving time for users.

The company’s technical product manager Justin Meade says, “Gemcom is known for innovative data capabilities, and we are proud to be bringing revolutionary new functionality to our users and the industry once again.

“With many mining organizations facing staff shortages, it is becoming increasingly common for collaboration to occur between site users and outside parties who may be using different software products. Thanks to the new block model conversion engine, it is possible for a user to work in one software package on a task such as resource estimation and deliver the block model in the format of another software package, while also ensuring data integrity between the two. With the engine, users will also benefit by being able to efficiently operate between multiple block model types for evaluation and processing within GEMS,” he says.

Version 6.4 also provides enhancements to the existing features with increased line, surface and solid import and export options and two point transformation profiles to transform solids and surfaces.

The interpolate and report feature allows users to work with larger datasets and use more than 100 interpolation profiles, while geospatial filtering is now possible via clipping boundaries when importing points and lines and the new two point transformation can be used to transform the coordinates of solids and surfaces from one system to another.

Gemcom was established in 1985 and now has a global reach delivering software solutions to major mining companies in 130 countries.

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