Organizers of this year’s Mines & Money conference in Beijing have moved the event to a new venue to accommodate the rapidly growing event. The China World Summit Wing is next to the former expo venue, the China World Hotel. Mines & Money Beijing will be held from June 19-21.

With just two weeks to go before the event, almost 700 delegates have registered to attend and hear top-level speakers including China’s Ministry of Land & Resources, the director of the Department of International Cooperation, Science and Technology, Jiang Jianjun, and the secretary general of the China Mining Association, Chen Xianda, who will share his perspectives on the outlook for China’s mining industry.

Organizers say the expo offers an unparalleled platform for international mining companies to showcase their projects and production capabilities in the capital city of the world’s most significant natural resources buyer.

The three-day conference aims to bring together China’s most influential decision-makers from metals and mining related state-owned enterprises and investment funds with mining project developers from around the world.

Highlights of the agenda include insights into China’s long term resource acquisition and outbound investment strategies, investment opportunities in key commodities and high-value networking between mining companies with commodities to sell and serious investors and resource buyers.

The Chinese economy continues to grow at almost 8%, which is the equivalent of adding an economy the size of Greece every three months, and $1.4 trillion for the 2012 financial year. Hence, China is actively seeking mining investment and development opportunities around the world.

Organizers of Mines & Money Beijing are forecasting it to follow on from the successful Mines & Money Hong Kong conference which broke records for attendance in March.

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