Integrated support service provider ADEN Services is strengthening its regional African presence by opening an office in Mozambique. The new Tete base will see ADEN’s development in Africa accelerate on the back of the company’s growing business and reputation within Africa, South Africa, Eritrea, Sierra Leone and Guinea during the last five years.

The company says it is now in a position to become a major player in the field of quality support services for the African mining industry.

Through the new office, ADEN will introduce its initiatives to increase the level of service to remote mining and construction sites through the latest technologies ranging from water treatment to internet access.

“The lack of infrastructure and access to operations and construction supplies are some of the many challenges faced by those companies developing operations and facilities at remote site locations,” says ADEN president Joachim Poylo.

“We have streamlined the process of setting up camp accommodation and internal furnishing and have unparalleled access to quality products and suppliers,” he says.

ADEN’s strong Chinese presence alone consists of 10,000 staff across 32 regional offices which has made it a preferred supplier for several of the world’s leading mining companies.

ADEN has experienced teams across Africa to work with mining companies that need maintenance, security, cleaning, food services, and logistics support. The company has a dedicated division specializing in supporting the remotest site operations including oil and gas, construction and heavy industry sectors.

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