A Shell Lubricants case study to test the properties of its Rimula R3X has found the product extends the component life of mining machinery in harsh conditions. An Indonesian mining company which uses Volvo excavators in a dusty environment, in temperatures of between 20 and 40 degrees Celsius for up to 21 hours a day, has tested Rimula R3X to gauge its ability to decrease the need for machinery repairs and part replacement.

The company experienced problems with its previous lubricant, when problems in the excavators’ cylinder-head assemblies reduced the anticipated component life to less than 18,000 hours.

Machine availability was also reduced, due to the additional time need to repair the engines, which prompted the company to seek advice from Volvo dealer PT Intraco Penta.

The dealer worked with Shell Lubricants to inspect key internal engine components via its LubeVideoCheck service where fibre optic tools inspect the affected parts.

Shell says the inspection confirmed the general condition of the combustion chamber cylinder was good, and recommended the mining company change lubricants to Rimula R3 X 15W-40 in the excavators’ engine compartments.

The company has since reported a component life of more than 18,000 hours for the parts in the cylinder-head assembly. It estimates an annual cost-saving of almost US$43,000 through a reduction in replacement components and increased machine availability.

Shell Rimula R3 X provides triple-action protection against wear, deposits and heat by continuously adapting to the needs of the engine.


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