The ASIA Miner: Voice of New Mining and Resource Projects in the Asia Pacific Region

The ASIA Miner Gives a Focused View of the Most Important Issues to Mining Companies in the Asia Pacific Region


With more than 20,000 copies of each edition distributed, The ASIA Miner is your introduction to Asia-Pacific mining markets.

The ASIA Miner magazine and online news service is the voice of the Asia-Pacific mining industry, covering exploration, development, mining and investment as well as the latest in technology from equipment and mining services providers. With Asia's emerging economies such as China, India and Indonesia driving the global mining industry and other resource-rich nations in the region feeding much of this growth, the world's focus is fixed firmly on the Asia-Pacific and The ASIA Miner reflects this focus.

China is continuing to grow at a healthy rate and will continue doing so as its massive population seeks to do better. India has the world's second largest population and is experiencing strong growth along with Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Papua New Guinea. The extraction of minerals and value adding to the raw materials are contributing to the growing prosperity and development of these nations along with others in the Asia-Pacific.

For 2014 The ASIA Miner bi-monthly magazine and weekly online news service will continue to cover ongoing development and expansion of the industry in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, China, Mongolia, South Korea, India, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Uzbekistan, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

Despite lack of capital, volatile metal prices and increasing costs The ASIA Miner's team believes that the mining industry will overcome these cyclical setbacks and come back stronger than ever and we will be there throughout, supporting and informing the industry.

Sylwia Pryzbyla

Editor, ASIA Miner
[email protected]

Lanita Idrus

Publisher, The ASIA Miner;
Director, MMI International
(Australia) Pty, Ltd.
Suite 1, G02,685 Burke Rd
Camberwell Victoria 3124 Australia
Tel +61 3 9006 1742
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Your Guide to the Asia-Pacific Mining Industry

Celebrating 10 Years of Mining & Resource Project News in the Asia-Pacific.

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* August 2013

The ASIA Miner is the most visible, most read, and most passed along magazine in the industry. It has performed a vital role in guiding and supporting mining industry stakeholders in establishing and developing mineral and metal economies in the Asia-Pacific from the far corners of Oceania to the peaks of Northern and Central Asia.

In its 10th year and beyond The ASIA Miner will continue to provide industry and investor readers with concise, succinct and timely resources project, product and technical news from the region, including the emerging nations of Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia.

2014 will see ups and downs as governments change and existing legislation is revised. Together with the media, mining industry stakeholders can continue to push boundaries – creating economic growth and helping communities develop.

With more than 20,000 print and digital readers viewing your marketing message, supported by the value added services provided by The ASIA Miner team, your brand is certain to see increased awareness throughout the region.


The ASIA Miner is global in its reach to the mining industry in the Asia- Pacific. More than 77% of the readers of The ASIA Miner work for companies that have locations in more than one country. And, almost 39% operate in six countries or more! Advertise in The Asia Miner and you reach companies penetrating the entire Asia-Pacific market.

The readers of The ASIA Miner are progressive and rely on receiving the magazine in an electronic format. With remote locations all over the Asia- Pacific, 60% of The ASIA Miner readers actually prefer reading their trade publications electronically. Advertise in The ASIA Miner and you can be sure your ad will be seen in any and all countries in the Asia-Pacific.

We bring the readers of The ASIA Miner directly to you. Did you know that your advertisements and our editorial content have actually driven 69% of our readers to independent company websites? Advertise in The ASIA Miner and let us bring our readers to your front door.

Readers of The ASIA Miner love the magazine so much, they share it with others. Almost 50% have physically passed along an editorial article or an advertisement they have read to others; 55% have discussed an article or an ad with others; and more than 67% have actually passed along their entire magazine to another in their organization. Advertise in The ASIA Miner and make sure your ad is the topic of discussion and pass-along.

*Source: Publisher's own data

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