PRONTO Software is a leading ERP provider in Australia and is using its proven technology and dedication to high service standards to expand its Asian footprint. Asia is a new mining frontier and Pronto is determined to develop in the region, according to reseller manager Albert Lau.

He says Pronto is active in Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Singapore, and also has sites in Laos, Cambodia and Thailand serviced from its active offices. “We have secured a Mongolian contract and have two projects in the Philippines, a relatively untapped market, however we are looking to grow into the entire region as mining develops.
“We have good footprints in America and Africa continents with experienced partner network effectively servicing those markets, but in Asia we want to assist agents further develop the business, particularly in mining.

“Pronto has had recent success in Indonesia and has secured new contracts with KBK Gold and manganese producer Asian Mangan Group. We want Asian growth, considering the proximity to Australia and the fact there are many expats working in the region.”

He says strong agent partnerships are the key to building a strong global business. “In Malaysia we have a partnership developed over 20 years, in Sri Lanka it has been 14 years, Vietnam seven years and Indonesia five years. We are in for the long run and it is in our interests to work closely with agents.”

Pronto has been in business about 30 years and in Australia has about 200 clients serving mining. As well as those providing products and services to mining, Pronto also serves explorers, mine developers and miners. “Our value-add for mining is cost control,” he says. “We offer financial packages, and project costing and integrated plant maintenance components so companies can maintain fixed assets, cost projects and keep track of costs.

“Pronto helps companies manage optimization and improve productivity and has the runs on the board with about 250 mining companies around the world using our products. Our systems are proven, reliable, robust and easy-to-use. We have installations in more than 33 countries with mining clients in most of these countries.”

Research and development is important and Pronto spends around 15% of turnover in this field. “We have around 150 people working in R&D to improve products and add value. We constantly introduce innovations, such as integrated business intelligence, and are moving towards a web-based interface so Pronto can be accessed anywhere and anytime, not just from a PC but with any mobile device.

“We are a total solution provider – from integrated payroll services to cost control in fixed assets and project costing, including supply chains, procurement and servicing. Clients can use us for exploration, into feasibility and production. We scale solutions to meet individual needs.”

Albert Lau says “Pronto provides ‘bang for buck’ - easy to use, easy to deploy and inexpensive to run. We don’t need an army of IT technicians or database administrators to support the system – it is basically set and forget, backed up with proven technological know-how over the long haul. The fact we have many long-term customers is testament to this.”

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