As a leader in several global markets, STEINERT Australia delivers traditional and trusted magnetic separation equipment and innovative sensor sorting technologies to enhance the operations of Australia’s leading local and international mining projects.

In a global market where environmentally sustainable, yet profitable practices are paramount to the success of any resource recovery operations, STEINERT’s magnetic and sensor sorting solutions improve profitability by raising yield, reducing operating costs, improving product purity and even limiting environmental impact from operations.

Magnetic Separation for Mining

STEINERT manufacture a range of tramp removal magnets in a variety of sizes to suit various applications. Coil burn-outs are virtually impossible with our anodised aluminium wire as there is no turn to turn insulating material when this is used as the winding medium.

Traditionally, a transformer-rectifier converts AC to DC current to power the magnets. Via a dedicated R&D team, STEINERT together with ABB, have developed a new way of controlling these magnets, allowing for a faster more flexible process of the ‘powering up’ (and down) of electromagnets. The complicated ‘dump’ process of permanent retention magnets is now a thing of the past. Now, the task can be completed automatically with solid-state switching and software. It cannot be tampered with, which makes it infinitely safer.

STEINERT’s magnet Wet Drum Separators have been beneficiating magnetite iron ore and heavy media successfully for decades. In iron ore processing, the WDS separates from waste rock at P80s commonly down to 28μm. With heavy media recovery – magnetite or ferrosilicon – we achieve almost at 100 per cent efficiency.

Ore sorting and mineral processing

Additionally, STEINERT’s sensor sorting technology offers the possibility to increase the longevity of the lower-grade resources found in many operations and realise the potential for profitable development of marginal resources.

Ore sensor sorting technology has the potential to produce better quality upgrade of mineral product. In all, this adds a new dimension to processing in the minerals industry – unlocking reserves that were previously not viable to process and increasing return on investment (ROI).

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