The worldwide processing of ores and coal requires the effective removal of tramp iron, like screws or bars, at very high throughputs. STEINERT Australia, a specialist in delivering separation technologies for the removal of damaging contaminants, has developed electromagnets that are characterised by their extremely strong and extensive magnetic fields. The pronounced depth effectiveness of STEINERT’s electromagnets means that tramp iron can be reliably collected even from deeper burdens.


STEINERT OHSM revolutionising magnetic separation

As a leader in several Global markets, STEINERT offers an unrivalled and extensive product range to enhance the operations of Australia’s leading local and international recycling and mining projects. The special design of the STEINERT OHSM (overhead suspension magnets), using coils made of anodised ANOFOL® aluminium strip and an inhibited oil, provides consistent and efficient cooling, thus reducing the risk of a coil burnout. STEINERT’s special coil design results in a maximum number of windings with a simultaneously compact design, which does not require an external expansion tank for the magnet design. Passive cooling may be sufficient for smaller sizes, whilst the larger series are equipped with an active cooling system. The active cooling, which uses heat exchangers, enables a performance increase of up to 15 per cent.

Electric manual overhead suspension magnets from STEINERT can also optionally be operated with metal detectors, so that the magnets are only switched on when required and power can also be increased using excessive excitation, which can then achieve temporary power increases of up to 60 per cent.

Alternatively, you can rely on the “permanent retention” system, where permanent magnets are installed in addition to the electromagnets ensuring that tramp iron already excavated does not return to the sortable material, for instance in the event of a power failure. Stationary STEINERT OHSM units are available with working widths from 750 mm to 3,000 mm and working distances of up to 900 mm.

The STEINERT OHSM range offers stationary and self-cleaning suspension magnets. Stationary magnets are suited for operations where the amount of tramp iron involved is small, while self-cleaning suspension magnets are better suited to higher concentrations of iron components.

STEINERT OHSM range offers both Permanent and Electro Magnets in either configuration. The Electro Magnets can be either oil cooled or air cooled.

As part of the magnetic separation solution, STEINERT offers a complementary suite of technologies including manual or motorised trolleys for dumping of collected tramp from stationary magnets, as well as the MagDrive/Transformer Rectifier Control Cabinets.

The conventional rectifier has been replaced in the high-performance magnets series by the “MagDrive” controller developed jointly with ABB. Using ABB DC drives enables significant reductions in the time taken to switch the electromagnets on and off.

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