OEM Techmine Solutions has developed an innovative solution to a common mining problem – efficiently and safely lifting thousands of metres of conveyor belts for maintenance.


The Enerpac XC-Series Cordless Hydraulic Pump is intrinsic to the design of a new lightweight Techmine belt lifter

The new lightweight hydraulic belt lifter utilises an Enerpac XC-Series Cordless Portable Hydraulic Pump to safely and reliably provide the hydraulic pressure (700 bar, 10,000 PSI) required to lift belt sections up to 2,000kgs.

“The new belt lifter effortlessly raises the belt in 20 to 25 seconds without requiring complex input from the user. An 1800mm belt lifter, comprised of three main parts, weighs only 29.5 kilograms once assembled. The main 13.7 kilogram lifting beam is ergonomic and easily portable,” said Mr Justen Wright, Principal Engineer, Techmine, and inventor of the new technology.

“We discovered that when it came to conveyor lifting, equipment that wasn’t specifically designed for that purpose was being used simply because it was the only thing available – but there could be inherent safety and performance risks,” said Mr Wright.

“Mine sites should not be lifting anything without knowing the weight first, because if the weight is above the lifting device’s capacity, this can cause all sorts of problems. Our new belt lifter clearly displays the belt’s weight as the lift progresses, meaning it cannot be overloaded.

Enerpac WA Territory Manager David Capper is delighted to see the belt lifter innovation come to fruition and says that the Techmine team have all been working hard for many years to reach this point.

Techmine has already had successes in trials with major mining companies, with others specifically seeking them out for a solution to this established problem.

Features of the XC-Series cordless pumps include:

  • Bladder reservoir capacity of 2 litres
  • Lightweight (only 11kg) and comes with a shoulder strap
  • Single and double acting models, which both come with 2 batteries and chargers
  • One-half horsepower motor
  • 28-volt, Lithium-Ion battery technology
  • Delviers oil flow of 2.05 litres per minute at low pressure setting and .25 litres per minute when operating at full pressure, up to 700bar

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