With more than a century of experience in manufacturing roll crushers for mineral processors around the world, McLanahan unveiled its latest innovation, bringing state-of-the-art mineral sizing to the market.

McLanahan Mineral SizerThe Mineral Sizer is McLanahan’s first direct-drive crusher specifically designed for hard rock applications, including copper, iron ore, gold and nickel. It provides a more effective means of crushing difficult materials, including clay ridden sticky feeds, and is an alternative option to compression crushers.

The Direct Drive Primary Mineral Sizer MPS-125 series is supplied with a 1,250 mm tooth centre line diameter and with roll lengths from 1,800 mm to 2,400 mm and driven by 2 x 220 kW of installed power. With a throughput of 2,000 tph and roll speed of 24 rpm, the high torque, low speed Mineral Sizer is designed with the operator in mind.

McLanahan actively engages with its customers through their manufacturing and service centres located in Perth, Newcastle and Mackay. Their locally based engineering and field service teams provide the ideal way for to communicate with mining operators. This has enabled McLanahan to design a machine to boost efficiency, productivity, and improve safety and maintenance.

The low profile, high torque, low speed mineral sizer is innovatively designed for safer maintenance, with operator value in mind, and delivers a lower total cost of ownership.

The McLanahan Mineral Sizer is engineered with flexible drive and tooth pattern options, safer access, easier replacements of wear components and the latest remote condition monitoring.

The innovative segment design allows for easy replacement of crushing components. Each crushing segment can be unbolted and replaced while the crusher roll shaft is in place in the sizer. 

The new improved breaker bar design features hydraulic gap adjustment. This eliminates slabby material escaping and delivers a higher crushing ratio. Hydraulic cylinders are fitted to each end of the frame to raise and lower the breaker bar onto the service platform, eliminating the need for maintenance personnel to work under the sizer.

The interchangeable crushing tooth segments are designed in either a scroll tooth or a staggered tooth pattern. Each segment can be unbolted for easy removal and replaced while the sizer is in place.

The flexible drive system is designed for better access, easier operation, and increased flexibility. Drive configurations are available in either dual drive or quad drive and with parallel or bevel-helical gears to give the best footprint for individual plant layouts and efficient maintenance.

McLanahan utilises drive componentry that is readily available in the market to ensure fast and reliable spare parts supply. Condition-based monitoring and remote sensing has been included from the design phase of our new mineral sizer, allowing for easier maintenance planning. 

The new Mineral Sizer includes a unique, detachable mobile service control platform. From this service platform the machine tramming, locating pins and breaker bar adjustment can be managed, and it delivers safer access with clearer vision and control. 

“We put the customer first,” said Neil Hunt, managing director of McLanahan Corp. “You know I think one of the reasons the customers continue to come back to our team in particular is because of the service that we provide. It’s not just about selling a piece of equipment or selling a solution it’s about providing that whole package.”

As a local company, McLanahan offers a secure supply chain and provides their customers with confidence in the products supplied. 

McLanahan Corp., 

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