The EMU vulcanizing press is state-of-the-art technology, which is both 100 per cent designed and manufactured by NILOS GmbH & Co KG in Germany.

The NILOS EMU vulcanizing press has a number of key design features, which give it a leading edge over its competition, noted the manufacturer.

Crossbeam design: The individual high-strength aluminium alloy cross beams of NILOS is 20 to 35 per cent lighter than the beams of other manufacturers. The box frame beams retain the end bolts on the inside. Therefore there are no protruding nuts and bolt ends above the beams being a potential safety hazard (i.e. bolts breaking and turning into projectiles). The crossbeams are available with a crossbeam window to insert a safety bar as an added safety feature.

Heating technology: NILOS heating platens are among the lightest heating platens on the market due to using high-quality and lightweight materials, in the latest technology flexible sandwich construction design. NILOS silicon heating elements are CNC cut and CNC wired. Allowing more precise heat distribution and control than the silicon heating elements from competitors.

The heating process is controlled by a multi-controller, which operates up to four heating platens. The multi-controller automatically makes sure that all platens are heating simultaneously within the same temperature of ±2.5°C. No manual operation and adjusting is required.

NILOS EMU heating platens are also equipped with water cooling channels which enables the press to cool down rapidly after completion of the vulcanization process.

Pressure bag design: NILOS rubber pressure bags are very robust with aramid reinforcement, therefore extremely pressure-resistant. The pressure bags also come with TÜV certification. The pressure bags contain an inserted steel shoulder supporting the air/water connector. Therefore, reducing possible damage to the inlet.

Custom made: NILOS can manufacture EMU presses for all customer requirements. Whether it be a small press designed for low rated fabric conveyor belts with small belt widths. To manufacturing large presses for steel cord conveyor belts with high strength ratings.

In a most recent example, last year NILOS manufactured an EMU vulcanizing press to suit splicing 2400-mm wide ST 5000 rating belt with a total heating length 4640 mm for a customer in Southeast Asia.

*Article published in the April-June 2020 issue of The Asia Miner

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