Minerals in Our Future

A new report on the “Outlook for Selected Critical Minerals Australia 2021” has forecast growing demand for critical minerals out to 2030, with opportunities for Australian production and investment in downstream value-adding processes. The report outlines the potential for further growth in Australia’s critical minerals sector.

That makes the next phase of the Australian Government’s $225 million Exploring for the Future program – which will unlock new groundwater, energy and mineral resources across Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory – all that more important.

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Adapting to long-term impacts

According to PwC’s Mine 2020 report, the global Top 40 mining companies are so far weathering the COVID-19 crisis but need to take advantage of relative stability to adopt strategies to mitigate against further economic and social risks.

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Looking behind to look ahead

A report released last year by Deloitte – Value Beyond Compliance in Australia: Creating Shared Value for Mines and Their Communities – tracks important trends in mining. While the 2020 version of this report will focus heavily on COVID-19, it is an interesting exercise to see where we were before the pandemic hit.

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