Mining must walk the walk with innovation

IF the mining industry is to take full benefit of the cyclical upswing, along with future highs and lows, innovation is the key. Rather than just talking the talk about technology, industry players must get serious about implementing it and walk the walk, otherwise they run the risk of being left behind.

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Uncertainty casts shadow over Indonesia

It may sound like a cracked record, but the ongoing uncertainty surrounding Indonesia’s mining industry is not doing anyone any favours and, is putting further development of mineral resources at risk. There are still some successful mining ventures as evidenced in the pages of this edition, but operators are demonstrating tremendous perseverance as mining policy changes mean that they constantly have to alter tack mid-stream.

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Much brighter start to a new year

Mining’s transformation in 2016 has been astonishing – although we are not quite out of the woods just yet and it will take time for the improved conditions to filter down the mining chain. After starting the year at the lowest of ebbs and with little sign of hope, a series of subsequent circumstances has seen optimism and fortunes turnaround.

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Environment never more important

The mining industry has let itself down with its tardy response to taking care of the environment. In most cases mining companies do what they have to in terms of environmental regulations but this has largely been a reactionary response rather than a proactive process. It is little wonder that environmental groups seem to have the upper hand in the increasingly important debate about preserving and enhancing the environment as not only has the mining industry been on the back foot, but it has also been poor in promoting what it is doing.

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