MINCOR Resources has received outstanding results from all four of its emerging growth opportunities in the Kambalda Nickel District of Western Australia, including exceptional new results from the Cassini discovery.

The results demonstrate the depth of Mincor’s growth options in the region, highlighting the potential for up to three new mine developments and a production expansion at Miitel Mine.

Drilling at Cassini has extended the mineralized CS2 channel structure a further 80 metres down-plunge and has demonstrated that the entire channel structure is widening with depth.

One hole intersected both the upper and lower sides of the channel structure, achieving strong intersections at both localities, which lie some 200 downhole metres apart.

Best results were 5.76 metres @ 3.21% nickel from 281.57 metres and 4.99 metres @ 6.08% nickel from 489.77 metres.

Both intersections comprise strong matrix and disseminated mineralization and the lower intersection also contains more than a metre of well-developed massive sulphides on a thin layer of sediment directly above the basal contact.

A downhole electromagnetic survey has been completed on this hole but was effective only in the immediate vicinity of the two intersections and for about 100 metres directly below the upper intersection.

However, where the survey was effective it indicates the presence of conductive material, possibly nickel sulphides, in the undrilled cross sectional area of the channel between the two intersections.

This result greatly expands the size of the exploration opportunity at Cassini.

The width of the channel structure has increased from approximately 50 metres near surface to the 200 metres demonstrated by the latest drill-hole. The plunge length of the channel structure is now more than 500 metres.

A batch of excellent drill results have also been received from section lines up-plunge of the results reported above. These include 9.57 metres @ 2.47% nickel from 374 metres and 7.98 metres @ 4.35% nickel from 387 metres in one hole; 16.06 metres @ 2.06% nickel from 271 metres in another; and 4.86 metres @ 3.48% nickel from 416.9 metres in another.

These results confirm the strength and continuity of the mineralization at Cassini, and suggest an emerging interpretation of a lower, flat to east-dipping mineralized zone, termed the Western Limb, and an upper, steeply west-dipping mineralised zone, termed the Eastern Limb.

The company also received very good results from recent drilling at Durkin North, Voyce and Burnett (North Miitel). Drilling is continuing and six diamond rigs are in operation.