Class instead of mass is key for recycler

STEINERT UniSort Black system utilised

CHRISTIAN Hündgen is convinced that the more secondary raw materials are fed back into the production of products, the better. That’s why the family-run German enterprise focuses on achieving as high a level of material purity as possible when sorting waste. “We concentrate more on the sorting depths than on high throughput rates. It ensures our customers remain loyal to us,” he says.

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Mining industry embraces renewables

By Joe Kirschke

RECENT events demonstrate how clean energy use by the mining industry, which consumes 11% of global energy, can mitigate climate change on a planet where 2000 mechanised mines struggle with fuel prices, carbon emissions and logistical challenges.

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Biodigester turns waste into energy

GEKKO Systems has taken further steps towards a greener future by unveiling a prototype biodigester that will help industry turn waste into renewable energy. The project is being developed by Gekko, which is based in Ballarat, Victoria, supported by funding from the Victorian Government.

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What will Australia’s Waste to Energy Future look like?

CHANGES in government policy in recent years have created renewed interest in generating energy from waste. Australia is now considered, both domestically and internationally, to be a potential growth market. However, due to the continent’s unique conditions, it is widely understood that this market will develop differently to other parts of the world.

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