Turning old tyres into raw materials

EVER since they were invented more than 100 years ago end-of-life car and truck tyres have been a blight on the environment because until now there has been no means found to effectively and profitably recycle them.

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Reducing need for non-renewable energy sources

WASTE-TO-ENERGY (WTE) is the process of creating energy from waste which in Australia is typically sent to a big hole in the ground - landfill. Most WTE methods generate electricity through incineration and there are about 800 thermal WTE facilities that are fully operational and considered an integral part of the global waste management solution throughout Europe, Asia and North America.

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Energy from Waste:

An apparently simple concept that is very complex to implement

The Australian Industrial Ecology Network (AIEN) is pleased to partner with The ASIA Miner to offer this new supplement highlighting innovations and case studies of successful industrial ecology endeavours and resource recovery undertaken in Australia. Coinciding with the AIEN’s Australian Waste to Energy Forum on February 22 and 23, it is timely that the focus for this first edition is energy from waste technologies.

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