THE Indonesian Government has granted Robust Resources 11 mining business licences (Production IUPs) for the mining of precious and base metals, from its Romang Island projects. These licences allow the right to conduct full-scale production activities within the concession area for a period of 20 years.

The 11 Production IUPs are granted until December 22, 2034, and were issued to the company’s Indonesian subsidiary PT Gemala Borneo Utama. The production period is extendable if required.

Robust Resources’ director John Levings says, “This is a significant milestone for the company. Twenty-year operational licences mean that Robust now has the approval and security of tenure needed to move into mine production on Romang Island. The company has worked hard towards this goal and is committed to the success of this important project.”

The Production IUPs cover a total area of 9993 hectares with each commodity (gold, silver, lead, zinc and copper) having its own individual IUP. An additional IUP for manganese covers the mineral resources and infrastructure comprising the Romang Island Manganese Project.

All defined Romang Island mineral resources and planned infrastructure are situated in non-forestry land (APL or ‘other use’ land classification). APL status for the projects eliminates the requirement for any forestry access permits, which have proven to be time consuming and costly on other projects in Indonesia.

Robust Resources has mineral exploration and development properties on Romang Island in the eastern portion of the Indonesian archipelago. Romang Island is on the Sunda-Banda magmatic Arc approximately 2250km from the capital city Jakarta and 600km from Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia.

Romang Island itself consists of two major volcanic centres: North Romang and the Lakuwahi Caldera in the south. The Lakuwahi project is Robust’s major exploration and development target on the Island. Robust has identified significant discovery potential at North Romang.

The Lakuwahi Polymetallic Project has a resource of 81.7 million tonnes and contains 1 million ounces of gold, 68 million ounces of silver and 2 billion pounds of zinc and lead.

Substantial deposits of high-grade manganese mineralization have been discovered in two locations in the Lakuwahi Caldera - Manganese Valley and Batu Hitam West. The deposits are near surface and partially cap gold-silver oxide and/or polymetallic mineralization. Robust has estimated a resource of 711,000 tonnes @ 43.5% manganese containing 309,000 tonnes of manganese. All mineral resources have been independently estimated and reported according to JORC (2012) standards.

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