Trials are being undertaken in South Korea at Hanyang University to fully evaluate the potential of EdenCrete® products to enhance both the overall durability and other performance characteristics of Korean concrete.

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Overseas highway tests on Eden's Edencrete concrete additive

A wide range of tests are being undertaken in two different concrete mixes made with Portland cement and slag (designed for road pavement applications) and Portland cement and fly ash (designed for pre-cast concrete applications).

Positive results to date have been achieved in 23 out of the 29 tests that have been conducted with added EdenCrete® products and including the following improvements:
• Shrinkage (Ring Test) – Greater than 20 per cent
• Dry Shrinkage – up to 24.6 per cent
• Cracking Resistance – up to 60.1 per cent
• Amount of Water Permeation – up to 16 per cent
• Flexural Strength – up to 15 per cent
• Split Tensile Strength – up to 13.6 per cent
• Compressive Strength – up to 9.7 per cent
• Young’s Modulus – up to 11.13 per cent
Testing for chloride permeation and a possible further review of the fire resistance test (assessment of which is partly visual) are yet to be completed.

These highly encouraging results follow earlier successful trials during 2018 in Colorado using three versions of Korean cement, that resulted in Eden signed a binding Memorandum of Agreement with KC Industry, a leading Korean precast concrete manufacturer, to jointly develop EdenCrete® enriched concrete, mortar and grout mix designs for use by KC in South Korea, to improve their technical performance.

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