Rio Tinto has entered into a strategic partnership with Pilbara Aboriginal business North West Alliance (NWA) through the award of a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract to support the company’s world-class iron ore mining and port operations in the region.

TAMJune07 img01NWA will provide waste management services across Rio Tinto’s 16 mine sites and two ports in the Pilbara, covering five areas: recyclables, site services, general hazardous waste, hydrocarbon waste and non-hazardous general waste.

Rio Tinto reports that by simplifying waste management through consolidating to a single supplier will improve logistical efficiency, reduce associated environmental impacts and further drive the focus on safety performance.

A key feature of Rio Tinto’s partnership with NWA is a commitment to drive local content through the creation of new opportunities for Pilbara Aboriginal people as well as Pilbara businesses. NWA is targeting 40 per cent Pilbara Aboriginal employment in 2018, increasing to 50 per cent in 2019. NWA has committed to a target of a 100 per cent Pilbara residential workforce by 2020.

Rio Tinto Iron Ore managing director, Rail, Port and Core Services, Ivan Vella said “Rio Tinto is committed to local jobs for local people and our partnership with North West Alliance will provide opportunities for local communities and their businesses. Optimising the way we manage our waste is a key part of our business-wide effort to improve safety and productivity outcomes.

North West Alliance is a fully incorporated, 50:50 joint venture between Our Country, a local Aboriginal business, and Veolia. Our Country is a 100 per cent Aboriginal-owned sustainable development advisory supporting the sustainable development of local and regional communities through facilitation, collaboration and delivering outcomes.


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