The Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull issues a statement indicating joint cooperation with the US on rare earths and high-performance metals, at the conclusion of his recent visit to the US.

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In his statement, Mr Turnbull recognised and acknowledged the long history of friendship and cooperation between the nations, and the importance of strengthening collaboration on a range of important issues including high-quality infrastructure.

"We intend to work together to support high-quality infrastructure in Australia, the United States and Indo-Pacific region, including through a Memorandum of Understanding to support infrastructure investment", said Mr Turnbull.

"We launched the Australia-United States Strategic Partnership on Energy in the Indo-Pacific, and intend to work together on strategic minerals exploration, extraction, processing, and research and development of rare earths and high-performance metals."

Additionally, Australia and the United States have agreed to intensify cooperation to support the growth of digital trade between the two countries, including assisting small and medium-sized enterprises and their employees succeed in the digital economy.

Australian mining operations, such as Alkane Resources - which is moving towards final commitments and financing of its A$1.3 billion Dubbo Project that contains deposits of rare earths, hafnium, niobium and zirconium - look to gain much from this partnership.

According to Alkane Managing Director, Nic Earner, the governments of Australia and the United States have recognised the value of an alternative source of rare earths and high-performance metals.

"As there is an increasing demand for the metals that are critical for uses in aerospace, renewable energy and electric cars, Alkane as a future supplier of these metals is likely to benefit from this new government prioritisation, which puts the project directly into the national interest of both countries," Mr Earner said.

Source: The Australian Prime Minister's Office

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