The Chamber of Mines of the Philippines (COMP) announced that it will adopt the Towards Sustainable Mining® (TSM®) initiative – a mining sustainability standard developed by the Mining Association of Canada (MAC).

TAM Dec28 02This is the first time that TSM has been adopted by a mining association in Southeast Asia, with COMP being the fourth national mining association outside of Canada to adopt the initiative.

TSM was launched by MAC and its members in 2004. Implementation of the program is mandatory for all MAC members’ Canadian operations, but many voluntarily apply it to their international sites.

TSM requires mining companies to annually assess their facilities’ performance in key areas, including tailings management, community outreach, safety and health, biodiversity conservation, crisis management, and energy use and greenhouse gas emissions management. The results are freely available to the public and are externally-verified every three years to ensure what has been reported is accurate.

While COMP will tailor its performance areas so that they reflect the unique aspects of its domestic mining sector, they will strongly align with those of Canada’s.

To ensure TSM reflects the expectations of civil society and industry stakeholders, it was designed and continues to be shaped by an independent, multi-interest advisory panel. As part of its implementation, COMP will implement a similar advisory body to provide this valuable oversight function.

“There is much that minerals’ development, done responsibly, can contribute to the economy of a nation and to the welfare of mining communities, as shown by numerous examples in the Philippines. The adoption of TSM by members of the Chamber of Mines is intended to institutionalise practices that secure these contributions for the long term,” stated Gerard Brimo, Chairman of the Chamber of Mines of the Philippines, and President and CEO of the Nickel Asia Corporation.


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