A number of key initiatives are being implemented by Kingsrose Mining, in conjunction with independent consultants Mining Plus, at Talang Santo Mine at the Way Linggo Gold project in South Sumatra, Indonesia. The measures are aimed at increasing mine development and production rates, managing water inflow and improving efficiencies.

Kingsrose and Mining Plus continue to evaluate and improve operational performance at Talang Santo.

Mining Plus, which said in its initial report in August that Talang Santo contained “exceptionally good ore and high potential for additional resources”, has advised Kingsrose that its approach to improving production at Talang Santo will focus on three key areas over the next 12 months.

Accordingly, a series of measures are being implemented to improve development rates, recover remnant pillars to boost short-term production and ensure there are suitable mine planning and production systems in place.

Mining Plus said a strong focus was being placed on vertical development of the External Haulage Shaft because a life-of-mine plan had identified this as the most critical development location to unlock additional working areas and drive future production.

Changes to the management of water in the External Haulage Shaft are being implemented to improve the vertical advance rate, including the continued use of grout to reduce water inflows along with a range of initiatives designed to divert water away from the direct working areas.

In addition, a trial has been designed to test the increased use of mechanisation in the development cycle focused on improving bogging productivity rates.

At the same time, Mining Plus is implementing new labour management methods on site involving changes to work cycles and shift changes to directly increase the amount of time on the job and improve efficiencies.

Significant efforts have been directed towards planning for the recovery of remnant pillars to help increase production rates in the short-term. Geotechnical reviews have been competed as have all requisite submissions to the Indonesian Mines Department, with test work scheduled to commence in the current quarter.

“Successful implementation of pillar recovery in the Splay vein will result in further areas being evaluated for pillar recovery and transition of mining method to include consolidated fill,” Mining Plus said.

“When preliminary trials have been completed, and any adjustments implemented, a further opportunity exists to evaluate the re-entry and pillar recovery potential of the historic Way Linggo Mine.”

Mining Plus said other initiatives being considered included a review of the mine Resource and near-mine opportunities and prioritising exploration targets for integration into the life-of-mine plan.

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