Angkor Gold recently hosted Cambodia’s Minister for Mines and Energy along with elected members of the country’s National Assembly on a tour of the company’s operations and Mesco’s Phum Syarung mine site.

The tour was hosted by Angkor’s chairman and CEO Mike Weeks and vice president of corporate social responsibility (CSR) Delayne Weeks. Afterwards Mike Weeks said it was one of the most important gatherings seen to-date in support of Cambodia’s young mining sector.

“There was a true feeling that the future is here. This was the sentiment that came out during our conversations with members of the delegation throughout the trip, and was echoed by all of the media articles prepared in follow-up to this amazing visit,” he said.

The delegation had the opportunity to stop at the company’s Koan Nheak property to visit the exploration operations and inspect many of Angkor’s CSR projects. “Based on these visits the Ministry has indicated that moving forward, sector participants in the country will be mandated to have a social development component modelled after our work,” he said.

The delegation also toured the Phum Syarung mine site with Mesco Gold. “With the resounding support shown during the two-day visit, we are clearly excited, and we anticipate a quick final approval process for the Mesco Phum Syarung mine licence,” Mike Weeks said.

“Delayne has been working on a new social enterprise called Bambusa, in conjunction with the World Wildlife Fund, within our Koan Nheak licence. They are maintaining and rehabilitating existing bamboo stands to build furniture, chopsticks and scaffolding.

“We have partnered with local villages to provide new income sources and skills training and currently employ 200 women. This blends well with our exploration efforts in the Koan Nheak area as we have started initial geological surveys and further supports our business philosophy of CSR from day one,” he said.

Once Angkor wraps up its initial survey in Koan Nheak, the team will move back to Okalla West and Andong Meas to complete follow-up work on those two prospects.

“We have been focusing a significant amount of our efforts in establishing new joint-venture partnerships to further expand Halo, CW and Okalla West prospects. We have had a number of very keen potential partners that have visited the Halo prospect over the past two months and who have also taken the time to review in great detail our data rooms to fully understand the scope and nature of these flagship prospects.”

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