Opportunities to encourage greater collaboration and commercialisation for the Australian Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) sector are the key drivers of a new agreement between METS Ignited, the new METS Growth Centre, and the Cooperative Research Centre for Optimising Resource Extraction (CRC ORE).

02082016 Mets Ignite CRCOREThe Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) will see METS Ignited and CRC ORE working together to improve commercialisation and collaboration outcomes for Australian METS companies.

The MoU outlines a shared vision and detailed work plan to engage the Australian METS sector with the activities of CRC ORE.

Joint activities planned for 2016 include a roadshow to highlight CRC ORE’s research, collaboration on an innovation portal to help connect industry, and an active role for METS Ignited on CRC ORE’s Implementation Council. There are also activities planned to make the capital markets more aware of the METS sector.

METS Ignited chair Elizabeth Lewis-Gray said that METS Ignited was excited to work with CRC ORE and saw the agreement as an obvious collaboration to strengthen the mining innovation ecosystem which, in turn would increase the competitive advantage of the Australian METS sector, nationally and globally.

“The $90 billion Australian METS sector has diverse competitive strengths and innovative solutions to improve productive and sustainable mining. By working together we can create greater opportunities for METS companies.

“Our relationship with CRC ORE will assist Australian METS companies gain scale and credibility through the global reputation and reach of CRC ORE with miners.

“We will better connect the Australian METS sector and researchers with mining companies to ensure all parties are aware of each other’s activities and plans. This will improve collaboration and commercialisation outcomes,” she said.

CRC ORE chair Jonathan Loraine stated that CRC ORE’s work in the areas of productivity improvement and sustainability was highly relevant in the current commercial environment. CRC ORE is at the forefront of mining innovation to improve the productivity of minerals resource extraction.

“It receives very strong support from the mining, research and METS sectors. The MoU with METS Ignited will enable the parties to work together to secure the maximum engagement of Australia’s innovative METS companies in the activities of CRC ORE.

“Through our partnership with METS Ignited, SME METS companies with relevant technology can potentially participate in CRC ORE,” he said.

The respective chairs of METS Ignited and CRC ORE officially signed the MoU on January 22, 2016 at Old Government House at the Queensland University of Technology Garden Point Campus in Brisbane.

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