RungePincockMinarco (RPM) and Schneider Electric (Australia) have signed an agreement to jointly explore business opportunities in the mining industry. The companies will leverage existing customer and partner networks within the industry where they provide software and services.

RPM logoRPM provides software solutions used in mine planning, execution, designing and scheduling. It also provides advisory and tailored solutions for mining companies and investors. Schneider Electric provides integrated software solutions for managing mining operations.

RPM CEO and managing director Richard Mathews said, “Entering into the right strategic alliances with other truly global suppliers is a key component of RPM's enterprise software strategy, which is all about delivering tightly integrated and innovative solutions to the mining and resources industry.

“Both RPM and Schneider operate at the top end of the mining products and services market, and our respective offerings are extremely complementary, which has led to our joint customers both requesting and expecting us to work closer together for their and the collective markets’ benefit.

“We are really excited about leveraging our joint expertise to extend the reach and integrated offering of our industry leading enterprise mine planning, execution, scheduling, simulation and financial modelling solutions and services.”

Both companies have been working together since last year to deliver an integrated enterprise solution to the third largest iron ore firm.

Along with BHP Billiton, SAP, Caterpillar and Modular Mining, the companies are contributing members of the ISA95 Process Centric Events working committee, which aims to add support for event driven architectures to ISA95.

Richard Mathews said that without the implementation of a common messaging standard, the mining industry could not bring together IT and OT systems, which was currently being performed by other industries.

In June, RPM signed an agreement to acquire simulation software from the US-based FlexSim Software Products. Under the agreement, RPM acquired the right to rebrand, commercialise and further develop the simulation software code.

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