A review of manganese prospects and deposits in Indonesia study conducted for Gulf Manganese by SRK Geological Consulting has found that there are ample domestic supplies to feed the company’s proposed ferromanganese alloy smelter at Kupang in West Timor.

The study was a geological assessment of manganese deposits in Indonesia that could supply ores matching the specific requirements of the proposed smelter.

It was undertaken as a desktop review, using publicly available data, SRK’s in-house project database and subscription based mineral industry databases. It covers key criteria including geology, deposit style and potential grade and tonnage.

SRK concluded that there is a potential extractable manganese mineralization of 29 million tonnes for production IUPs and 114 million tonnes for exploration and production IUPs combined.

Gulf’s deputy chairman and exploration director Dr Peter Williams said, “Over a 10 year period the total manganese ore requirement will be some 3.6 million tonnes which means based on the SRK report the manganese endowment of West Timor alone more than provides many years of production feed requirements.

“These tonnage values do not take into account other Indonesian locations such as Romang, Flores, Rote, Sumbawa, Sulawesi and Kalimantan islands nor the possibility of drawing ore from Northern Australia due to the closeness of proximity.”

SRK recommends that further investigations be carried out in developing relationships with the owners of mine/production IUPs to facilitate an information exchange and upside synergies for the proposed smelter.

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