As a result of an upsurge in demand for its client support services from India’s furnace operators, high capacity furnace and smelting plant specialist Tenova Pyromet has established a presence in Bangalore to provide a focused serviced tailored to the specific needs of the local industry. Tenova Pyromet is part of the global total technology solutions provider, Tenova Mining & Minerals.

Tenova Pyromet Client Support Service’s office in Bangalore is headed by Indu Bhushan Jha and offers clients an in-depth knowledge of local conditions and requirements. The office is fully supported by access to Tenova Pyromet’s globally acknowledged source of furnace engineering expertise.

Having worked with both the private and state sector ferroalloy industry in India, Tenova Pyromet is well-established in India as a world-class furnace designer, with a growing client base.

In India, over the past year, Tenova Pyromet Client Support Service has been active with plant inspections, commissioning activities and the supply of proprietary equipment for ferroalloy producers. A plant audit was also carried out for India's largest, fully integrated producer of ferroalloys, with the objective of incorporating new technology into its plants.

“Due to its strong economy, massive infrastructure needs and industrial production expansion, India is expected to be one of the highest growing steel consuming nations in the next decade, with the knock on effect of a buoyant ferroalloy industry,” says Tenova Pyromet Client Support manager Werner Roberts. “We therefore see continued growth in demand from furnace operators who are seeking to maximize their operational efficiencies and meet the increasing demand from India’s industry.

“However, while the market offers considerable potential, an in-depth understanding of the unique requirements of this industry is required. Our extensive experience and expertise in smelting India’s carbonate type ores has meant that we can take advantage of the unique features of carbonate ore to enhance furnace productivity and power usage for Indian clients, both at the design stage, and post project through our client support service.”

Tenova Pyromet Client Support Service, which is also available to users of other technologies, ranges from on-site technical assistance, through to supply and installation of copper products and spare equipment, on-site assistance during shutdowns and rebuilds, close-out of capital projects and support to clients with cold and hot-commissioning. Operational training for clients on furnace equipment and technical training on equipment maintenance are also offered.

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