Gulf Minerals Corporation has engaged leading pyrometallurgical engineering group SNC-Lavalin to design and construct its ferromanganese alloying facility in West Timor. The development plan involves building two electric ARC furnaces each year commencing in 2015 for a total of eight furnaces over a 4-year period.

SNC-Lavalin has had many years’ experience in designing and building alloying plants and in the last l0 years has been involved with 12 major alloying projects and numerous smaller plants.

Each furnace will have an annual capacity of 20,000 tonnes of manganese alloy with a capital cost of US$5.6 million per furnace. The technology is well established and has been used for many years. In order to eliminate construction risk the units will be built in modular form and shipped to West Timor for assembly on site.

The modular design will incorporate state-of-the-art South African quality control technology and will be standardized for cost effective expansion. Modular components will include integrated batching feed system, electrode columns, fume abatement system, control rooms, laboratories and auxiliary systems.

Gulf's technical director Bruce Morrin says, “SNC-Lavalin has an outstanding record of working with project developers and producers to turn desktop concepts into production plants in a cost effective manner. Their pyrometallurgical specialists have significant experience in many key process technologies and understand the commercial realities of project development, having delivered multiple projects around the world.”


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