The Sanitary Protection Zone (SPZ) for Manas Resources’ Shambesai Gold Project has been approved by the State Ministry of Health and the State Agency for Environment Protection and Forestry.

The SPZ is the final part of the Kyrgyz Republic environmental and social impact assessment process and allows the completion of final design permitting and community consultation for Shambesai.

The SPZ is a buffer zone established around industrial and mining facilities under Kyrgyz environmental legislation where activities are controlled to ensure any potential possible environmental impacts are limited.

For the Shambesai project the SPZ, which is established through independent modelling, doesn’t extend over any of the local village areas and confirms the project is likely to have minimal impact on any current agricultural and residential use, thus reducing then level of compensation claims which possibly could be considered.

Manas continues to work on approval of the final design and infrastructure permits required to commence construction. The first of these, the environmental audit of the process plant basic engineering was successfully completed, and the technical and safety review is under way.

Manas has recently received the basic engineering design for the mine infrastructure and the open pits from its Kyrgyz Republic consultant Asia Rudd Project and will submit the final detailed design for approval shortly.

Discussions regarding financing the capital requirements for the low-cost, high-margin Shambesai Gold project continue with a number of institutions and the issuing of these further permits is another major milestone that assists in progressing the financing of the project.

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