German consulting and engineering company DMT GmbH & Co KG (DMT) together with EPC company McNally Bharat Engineering Co (MBE) from Kolkata, India, has designed, engineered, supplied, built and put into operation a complete state-of-the-art by-product plant for the cleaning of coke oven gas.

The plant, which is in Burnpur in Eastern India, belongs to IISCO Steel Plant, a company of the Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL).

The system cleans the coke oven gas collected from the coke oven battery, making it ready for further use in steelworks and for under-firing the battery. In doing so, the plant produces high-quality, saleable by-products, such as tar, ammonium sulphate and sulphur.

“Our plant is the first Claus Desulphurizing System that has been put into operation at a coking plant in India,” explains DMT project manager Björn Otten. “Up to 46,000 cubic metres of coke oven gas can be cleaned per hour in the plant. This means that at full load the gas cleaning process prevents the emission of about 7 tonnes of sulphur dioxide and 21 tonnes of nitrogen oxide per day into the air when the stripped coke oven gas is reused as fuel.”

The project is part of a steelworks extension program at IISCO, in which a completely new steel mill is being built alongside the old one to increase capacity.

DMT has brought together in the Cokemaking Technology Division all the services associated with coke production. These embrace consulting, examinations, evaluations and assessments and continue through to planning work and construction of subsystems or entire plants.

Building new cokemaking plants and modernizing existing equipment will be carried out in some cases on behalf of local general contractors and in some cases acting as an autonomous general contractor. Here DMT specialists plan and engineer the systems used for gas scrubbing and water treatment, develop emission-reduction components and evaluate coal blends and coke quality.

DMT, headquartered in Essen, Germany, is an independent engineering and consulting company, active at international scale. The DMT Group has about 1000 employees, most of them engineers, scientists and technicians, who provide services in the form of individualized consulting and assistance tailored specifically to the client’s needs. They also serve as impartial assessors.

The firm’s activities focus on the fields of natural resources exploration, mining and cokemaking technology, construction and infrastructure projects, safety in buildings, product testing and measurement instrumentation in industrial settings. DMT is a member of the TÜV NORD GROUP.

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