WS Tyler originally developed the Hydro-Clean washing system for cleaning aggregates, minerals and metals. However, recent trials revealed it also can be used to effectively and efficiently remove contaminants from coal refuse, and does an excellent job in just one pass. The process increases the BTU value of the coal significantly, making it acceptable for sale.

In addition, because Hydro-Clean machines are only about a quarter of the price of traditional washing systems they make cleaning coal refuse a more economical option.

During the cleaning process, the conveyor belt feeds material into the hopper. As the material moves around the chamber in a vortex, high-pressure water nozzles rotate at 100rpm to effectively remove tough, sticky deposits. While other systems only wash the surface of the coal, a Hydro-Clean’s jets clean deep into crevices.

The coal exits the drum, travels down the discharge conveyor and through the standard rinse screen, which removes any remaining dirt or clay. The dirty water is then collected and directed to the unit’s water treatment system for recycling.

WS Tyler offers three models that can process 18 to 360 TPH and handle coal up to 150mm in diameter. They also can be combined with a portable chassis for fast and easy movement from jobsite to jobsite.

Meantime, Karen Thompson is the new president of WS Tyler, replacing Florian Festge, who is now managing director of the Machinery Division of WS Tyler’s parent company, Haver & Tyler.

Karen Thompson has spent the past 16 years working in various roles within WS Tyler and brings a thorough understanding of the screening industry to her new role. She intends to continue the long-standing WS Tyler tradition of building valuable customer partnerships though knowledge and innovation.

“Customers’ needs have long been the driver of WS Tyler’s innovation, and my top priority is to grow the company’s interactions with customers so we can continue delivering the solutions that help make them successful,” she says.

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