Vivakor Inc has acquired a significant interest in a land mining concession in the Kyrgyz Republic. The concession possesses large amounts of alumina-bearing ore as well as precious metals.

Vivakor has acquired a minority interest in Kyrgyz Alumina, a Nevada company that has been developing the Kyrgyz concession and holds rights to game-changing technology for efficient extraction of alumina from clay ore found on the property. This technology has been validated by the Russian Academy of Sciences. Vivakor plans to add further value to the Kyrgyz-based asset with its proprietary precious metal extraction technology.

Vivakor’s CEO Matt Nicosia says, “This acquisition and investment has the potential to result in a 39% ownership of a very large metals asset and technology that will only increase the value of our mining holdings. Our new partners and operators at Kyrgyz Alumina have deep knowledge and relationships that only add value to our natural resources holdings. This is truly a situation where technology plus an asset equals much more than the individual sums.”

Kyrgyz Alumina’s president George Roth says, “Partnership with Vivakor provides Kyrgyz Alumina the opportunity to capitalize on its holdings, which could result in one of the largest alumina deposits in the world, valued at more than US$100 million based on projected annual revenues derived from assays of mineral deposits covering about 1000sqkm.”

He also notes, “The Kyrgyz Republic, located near the Caspian Sea, has recently adopted a parliamentary form of central government and is now considered to have one of the most stable political climates in this region.

“This arrangement, while providing Kyrgyz Alumina the control and access to additional capital to expand their marginal but profitable operations, along with Vivakor’s financial involvement, should put us in a position to increase processing of raw alumina clay capacity to more than 10,000 tonnes monthly, yielding almost 28% in alumina concentrate at a market price of about $400 per tonne, ready for rail shipment for processing at nearby refineries.”

Vivakor is an asset acquisition company that develops and acquires assets that generate revenue currently or in the near term. The company acquires technologies and assets in the fields of precious minerals, biotechnology, and alternative energy. It has several mineral assets that have great value and both create a cash flow and a long term revenue stream.

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