Australian supplier RPMGlobal has released its Strategic Design Optimizer, an update to its Parametric Design suite of software specifically for underground metal mines.

The SDO system combines its parametric design principles with several leading optimisation algorithms for one single user experience; both stope and development optimisation are in one package for users generate, change and update designs on the go.

SDO builds on the strengths of the industry-standard Mineable Shape Optimizer (MSO) by adding a new visual user interface that automatically manages the large volumes of data generated for the resulting stoping scenarios.

The integrated Development Optimizer automatically generates the first pass underground development of crosscuts, footwall drives and connecting declines for the selected strategic stoping scenarios and, through its use of parametric techniques, allows for changes that are reflected rapidly.

“An intelligent workflow guides the user through the entire process and has been developed using the combined industry knowledge and experience of RPMGlobal and its customers,” RPMGlobal said.

It can also be used as a standalone strategic design package, integrating any existing design tools, or as a fully integrated end-to-end enterprise solution as part of RPMGlobal’s Underground Metals Solution.

“The new solution stayed true to the company’s philosophy of creating new products that fundamentally challenged the status quo of how the industry operates,” CTO Paul Beesley said.

“SDO reflects RPMGlobal’s large investment in our expanding design portfolio announced last year, which is underpinned by a strong drive to accelerate innovation in this area of mine planning.”