CROWN Agents was recently engaged for a contract with the Mongolia Ministry of Mining (MoM) in an effort to streamline the export process for the mining industry. The MoM asked Crown to review how data is shared between the various Ministries involved in export regulations and look at ways to improve data sharing and exchange.

UK-based Crown Agents is developing the IT blueprints for a simplified data sharing environment that streamlines and minimizes transactional requirements between the various government agencies and departments.

It says the new data sharing environment will provide the MoM with access to data collected by other Mongolian export regulatory ministries. “This new data environment will also provide a single online site for mining industry stakeholders to access real time information and submit data thereby facilitating improved strategic decision making and reporting.

“The enhanced capabilities and reduced regulatory hurdles will help increase the efficiency, effectiveness, and transparency of the mining industry in turn increasing Mongolia’s overall economic competitiveness in this sector.

“We recognize the need for governments to oversee and manage the activities of extractives industries while minimizing regulatory burdens. Our advisory services related to technology are focused on striking a balance between often diverging aims to ensure the long term economic competitiveness of developing countries extractives industries while protecting the environment and enhancing tax revenues,” Crown Agents states.

Crown is an international development company that partners with governments, aid agencies, NGOs and companies in more than 100 countries. Taking on clients’ fundamental challenges, Crown makes lasting change to the systems and organizations that are vital for people’s well-being and prosperity by bringing an agile and resourceful approach to complex development issues.

Crown Agents helps countries grow their economies, strengthen their health systems and improve financial management. It does so by providing consultancy and training in health systems strengthening, trade and growth, public private partnerships, public financial management and governance. Crown is a leading expert in public procurement and supply chain management and provides financial services to facilitate development, focusing on international payments and cash management, trade finance and investment management for donors, NGOs and financial institutions.

Crown Agents has permanent offices in 22 countries and presence in another 18 through its project offices and representatives. It is a limited company owned by a non-profit-making foundation. The Crown Agents Foundation is the sole shareholder and oversees its ethos and activities.

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