MiPlan acquired by Hexagon Mining

HEXAGON Mining has acquired Australian technology company MiPlan. Based in Perth, Western Australia, MiPlan develops mobile software applications for field data collection, fleet management, production management and reporting. The company has a proven track record of increasing mine productivity and providing a rapid return on investment.

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Revolutionising the blasting process

AUSTRALIAN developed blasting innovation BLASTBOSS™ is set to transform the drilling and blasting process, allowing industry operators to achieve better blasting results while using significantly less explosives. The internationally patented technology reduces the amount of explosives required in blast holes by using contained and controlled hydraulic energy to optimise and redirect the blast wave forces generated by ammonium nitrate explosives, delivering better rock breaking results. 

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New Atlas Copco drill rig software

ATLAS Copco’s new automation software lets the drill rig do the work. Dynamic tunnelling package is a new automation software for face drilling rigs, which gives improved accuracy of the excavation thanks to the fact that drill plans always will be fitted for the current section.

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Gekko and Rockwell software collaboration

GEKKO Systems and Rockwell Automation have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to develop software solutions that will assist mining customers across the globe to account for metal content in the various stages of ore processing plants and provide the analytical capability to audit and improve operating performance.

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