Software and solutions provider Micromine has strengthened its international presence through the opening of a new regional office in Santiago, Chile. This expansion will increase the company’s presence within South America.
In June 2009, Micromine partnered with Brazil Agent, BNA Consultoria e Sistemas Ltda (BNA), a partnership that has already resulted in significant return and strong relationships with local mining and exploration companies, universities and relevant government departments.  
BNA’s managing director Beck Nader says, “There is a real need in South America for intuitive and easy-to-use mining software solutions. Micromine’s success in Brazil is testimony to this need”.
Micromine’s Chile operation will be headed by Hans Schoch, who has relocated from Micromine’s headquarters in Perth, Western Australia. He brings a wealth of knowledge about Micromine’s products and services that will benefit regional operations.
Local employees who understand the Chilean culture and mining industry have been recruited to provide clients with the native knowledge and expertise needed to ensure positive client relationships and effective local support and training.
Micromine’s founder and managing director Graeme Tuder says, “South American mining operations are recognizing the vital role software plays in maximizing efficiencies throughout the mining process. This has created the opportunity for Micromine to introduce its full suite of software solutions and services which encompass the entire mining life cycle”.

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