PT AEL Indonesia, part of the AEL Mining Services group, has secured six explosives contracts in Indonesia.

Each project contract term is five years and entails the supply of explosives and initiating systems, as well as the provision of Down-The-Hole (DTH) or Prime, Load, Tie and Shoot (PLTS) services.

AEL Mining Services’ international business director Colin Wilson says, “In line with AEL Mining Services’ growth strategy, the company’s footprint expanded into Indonesia in 2008. Today we are providing explosives and value adding services to six customers. Each of the sites will manufacture emulsion using on-site bulk emulsion manufacturing plants.”

AEL Indonesia’s contracts include PT Thiess Contractors at Melak Mine, PT Bukit Makmur at Gunungbayan Pratamacoal (GBP), PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC), PT Petrosea at GBP, PT Leighton Contractors Indonesia at Mahakam Sumber Jaya (MSJ) and PT Petrosea at Santan Batubara.

“AEL Indonesia’s growth since October 2009 is attributed to the strong team we have in Indonesia supported by the Business Services Group in South Africa. We have high levels of service delivery to maintain to our customers. It is through collaboration and strong partnerships that we can gain and sustain success in this region.”

AEL Asia Pacific's executive president Patrick Foo says AEL Indonesia was contracted to service TCI at Melak and provide a full PLTS service. It is expected that over the contract period, a total of 35,000 tonnes of bulk explosives will be delivered into blastholes at Melak.

“At GBP, a 20 tonne Mobile Manufacturing Unit (MMU) assisted by a rapid reload unit, delivers bulk explosives in a DTH service. About 45,000 tonnes of bulk explosives are expected to be delivered over a five year period.”

KPC, Indonesia’s world-class producer of high-quality thermal coal from one of the world’s largest open pit mining operations, awarded AEL Indonesia a five year contract to service about 50% of its blasting requirements. Over the contract period, AEL Indonesia will deliver an estimated 445,000 tonnes of explosives to the three mining contractors operating at KPC.

“Operations have commenced with ANFO blasting at Santan Batubara. AEL's first 10 tonne bulk emulsion plant will be commissioned by the end of 2010 and a 12 tonne MMU will deliver SD130 bulk emulsion into blastholes.  Adjacent to the Santan Batubara operation, AEL services requirements in a DTH contract at MSJ’s Block D and E. Contracted volumes for this project total around 78,000 tonne.”

To cap off a year of extraordinary growth, AEL Indonesia recently celebrated the anniversary of operations at KPC as well as the opening of a new office at the KPC site.

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