Just six months after a successful commissioning of its Kurnool iron ore plant in southeast India, NSL Consolidated has been given approval for development of the Phase 2 wet beneficiation plant to commence.  1

The company says the Indian Ministry of Environment and Forest has granted approval for the next stage of the operation to begin after presentations were made to the Ministry’s appraisal committee in December.

The Phase 2 wet beneficiation plant process is anticipated to be capable of annually producing up to 200,000 tonnes with final grades of up to 62% iron.

“As per the recent AP14 Mining Lease approval from the Andhra Pradesh State Government, the quality of our submission, the scope of the project proposal and the bona fides created by our existing operations has been well received and were all significant contributors to our Phase 2 application at Kurnool being approved,” says NSL’s managing director Cedric Goode.

Last month, NSL became the first company in more than three years to have its application for a mining lease granted for its AP14 project where significant banded magnetite quartzite mineralization has been discovered. The project site covers 170 hectares at Karimnagar which is 200km northeast of Hyderabad, also in India’s south-eastern state of Andhra Pradesh.

An existing exploration target of between 62 million and 125 million tonnes of magnetite @ between 20% and 50% iron is expected to be upgraded in coming weeks, after test work and sampling results are received.

Kurnool is on an industrial site within Andhra Pradesh. It uses the nearby Mangal mine as an iron source as well as the adjacent Kuja mine, which is also owned by NSL. NSL is the only foreign company to own and operate iron ore mines in India.


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